Test Your iOS and Android App with TestFlight

Testflight is the standard selection for testers and technical developers that provides beta testing to iOS and now for Android. For iOS, new builds of apps uploaded on Testflight that easily downloaded by the writers. On Android, we have to email the APK files for the testers, who then manually installed while on the devices for testing. This kind of process will made the users to forget the latest build. They get confused to find out the exact needed come up with. Now this process is dealing with to change. TestFlight rolls out an opportunity for Android developers to do their beta testing for that applications over the ep.

Before uploading on the App store, every developers and testers needs a platform for testing an iOS and Android application submissions. apk no root downloadfreedom apk no root download is the best location for discussing about the bugs of the uploaded applications. You can remove the failed uploads of apps from the jawhorse. You can share the apps to the teammates and you can maintain a report, which shows the downloaded list on a specific build. Streamlining the beta testing of apps is made easy. The features include app management, app distribution, tracking of the apps and centralized feedback. Main website goal of Testflight is to streamline the beta testing process and help the developers to build better apps. The major plus of using TestFlight is that you can assign different versions of apps for different users. For instance, a person are show different version for investors and for company users. You can keep a record of the statistical report for each version. Contains catechins . is that you can invite the potential testers for your app. It offers a free service for developers.

Working process of Testflight

For uploading the apps for testing purpose, you have to register yourself likewise register the device on the Testflight for testing. Then, open the application for beta testing and invite the group of the testers to build a network. Registered users can download the app and can send the data. You can create a team and can create a distribution list among the team members. You can even send notifications on the team members relating to new builds.

The inclusion of Android to TestFlight will decrease the time for distribution in the applications. It tend to make the life easier for both developers and testers. It consists of the best way of testing for the Android applications and run successfully.

Many Android app developers in Los angeles and all within the world are facing trouble of beta testing the application. TestFlight provides a better opportunity for them to deploy the app in a successful manner. The spirit of TestFlight is actually create something new, try to share it with multiple testers and acquire the feedback. This feedback will help every developer to develop the application completely without bugs. Services is to take care of the beta apps from a better way. Inside a tap, you can install the app over-the-air and about to send the notifications for the registered users for every future build. This service enables you will be able to and elegantly send multiple builds and updates to the beta devices.