Pattern of CAT Exam

Were distributed exam tests students on broadly six areas of information as verbal ability, reading comprehension, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, data sufficiency and analytical reasoning. It has changed over the years, moving from the calculations intensity, speed oriented paper typically the 1990s to the short, conceptual paper in 2010s. The time allotted to unravel the paper has increased from 2 to 2 and half hour but the number of question have decreased from an a lot of 190 to 75.

Some tips before attempting the CAT exam is have a good night sleep before the exam date. Have a light breakfast, don’t go empty stomach. Check your pen, pencils, eraser, and sharpener and admit card. You should have visited your examination center at least a day before. Reach the examination center at least 1 hour earlier.

Keep viteee slot booking login ; fill in your details carefully on your OMR sheet. Read the directions carefully written on test paper after it is offered to you. Go with an open mind do have no pre conceived notion to the kind of test paper. Decide your strategy once you have went through the direction carefully and scanned the paper. Scan each section before answering a subject. Do not get stuck on any one question have no ego problems leave the question if it is taking a long time. If you’re feeling that you are if you don’t well in the paper, do not panic, it is that the paper extremely not just for you but for everybody.

The necessary factor obtaining success is not to obtain depressed by complex and hard question. After deeply analyze the question and reading it carefully you obtain a clue to answer the question or at least you can start the question. You aren’t looking to get a prize for cracking the most difficult question. The aspirant must focus for giving maximum number of question correctly. Should the aspirant spends too many hours on answering a single question, you will lose the time and opportunity to answer some very easy questions. During the preparation of common entrance exam the candidate should look at monetary requirements, college’s details, college rank, faculty academics, placement activities, college in social news, and infrastructure and hostel facility belonging to the college. The students who are preparing for CAT must give at least one year of dedicated preparation for cracking the exam. Best of luck to all MBA aspirants in India and internationally.