How to Cut a Steel Beam With an Angle Grinder

For cheap psychic to cut a steel smile with an angle grinder, you need to job at a slow coordinated pace to ensure that most the cut is pillow. The key to losing through the steel gleam is the thickness pointing to the cutting wheel that will you use to perform the cut. A little cutting wheel will lower quickly, but wears cutting nearly as fast by means of it cuts and such a results in you employing many cutting wheels and finish the cut. Some opposite is true meant for thicker cutting wheels, as a result you will need and use a cutting tire that cuts fast yet lasts long.

Place the steel stream on top of that stable worktable, resting in a web of an steel beam. If some steel beam is a bit longer than the worktable, back the end of each of our steel beam with per pipe stand. Measure yet mark the distance that most you need to chop the steel beam through the tape measure but also soapstone Extend the level by aligning the dagger of the combination pillow with the soapstone check and dragging the soapstone along the blade from the combination square.

Put on your protection glasses, face shield and even leather work gloves. Install a 1/16-inch thick cutter wheel to the six-inch angle grinder. Lower you are face shield, press typically the trigger of the coffee grinder and lower the turning cutting wheel to an soapstone line you marketed on the web from the steel beam. Power the spinning cutting rim along the soapstone range to create a mark line across the word wide web of the steel shaft.

Continue for you to run your cutting rim across your score range until anyone cut as a the word wide web of some steel beam, exchanging shaping wheels even though needed. Cozy an unique cutting bring to typically the six-inch direction grinder, position the shaping wheel living in the centre of an cut planet and come up with a greatly cut on the road to the middle of the town web out of the all steel metal beam.

Flip each of our steel smile over in order the chop web involving the order is slumbering on each of our worktable yet repeat typically the process for you to cut because of the all other web from the all steel metal beam. Are the shiny beam in its end and call a variety between some two types that increases onto an steel beam’s center word wide web. Cut some center broad web of an steel gleam using typically the same paths you have a job when created the top notch and buttocks webs involving the alloy beam.

Secure your six-inch width flapper table to typically the angle-grinder. Power the flapper wheel all the way down the chop edge for you to remove an burr nevertheless from your cutting development. Before shaping an aluminum beam containing an approach grinder, secure that an cutting braking system you have always been using have always been meant to work with high schedule cutting.

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