Benefits of Installing CMS Scripts on HostGator LAMP Hosting

Nowadays it seems there is really a script for everything. Hunt for to host a website there are several scripts for that, you apparent website for hosting a neighborhood online, there is a website for that. You desire a website that can charge users for buying stuff or your services will take a very a script for the. You need to host your photos online, there is an open source script for this too! In this wide and fast paced sea of open source scripts – it becomes important to have a hosting that can not only handle your scripts needs but also keep up with upgrades and additional needs in the future. Most of these scripts are dependant on one or another version of PHP. Some support PHP 4 which a great old version of PHP with increasing number of security holes, other scripts require a PHP 1.3 or later version. Similarly the necessity for mySQL database also vary depending on a script and its version.

When you need a website application it’s a choice to start narrowing down your script requirement. Clearly identify which type of script do you have to? Will you be running a website just to put information out or do you need more of a community website? Once hostgator cloud features hold script choices narrowed in order to one or more scripts, you can find out what the system requirements for those scripts. Could possibly then go and apply for a hosting. Before you sign up you should ask hosting service provider if their service meets the requirements needed by your scripts, you can go ahead and sign up for the service. HostGator is identified the service provider that generally offers hosting in the area up to date and supports most of content material management systems in use.

There are couple of ways to install your cms on HostGator hosting. First approach is to use Fantastico installer. This has come about as part of control panel inside the shared hosting account. It allows one to install different types of content management systems having a quick click of a control button. You enter all the desired about a simple page following which click install. This tool then goes ahead, installs the files and configures all the options that should be configured for script or CMS system to jobs. It will also create an admin user so that the CMS is ready for use.

Second option is cord less mouse with something called quick put up. Quick install is a tool that comes exclusively with HostGator website hosting accounts. It support more scripts and offers more features as compared to Fantastico. Process for script installation is very similar to that of earlier. You simple choose the script you wish to install, fill out the required fields and then continue with the install. The particular install is complete you’ll get a success or failure message along with any default database passwords. These passwords should be kept safe just in case if you ever need access to these solutions.

Once you are over and done with installation, it’s a good idea to login and check how the installation is working. You can customise the theme currently being employed on the site or tweak the extensions/plugins currently placed on.